How does Blink Translations work?

Step by step:

«(Knock, knock) Can you help us?» 

Organization and Definition of the Project: contact and quotation

In this first phase, you contact us with your request by email, phone, skype, telepathy or smoke signals. We prepare a tailor-made quotation that we send as soon as possible to you. Then we determine the professionals that adapt the most to the project’s characteristics and check their availability to ensure they hit the deadline. Then they start the documentation and research phase and a comprehensive and intensive reading of the original, so we can be ready whenever the project is confirmed. In this way, once you accept the quotation, we will be able to start directly with the proper translation phase.


Within the internal organization phase, we contact to our most qualified professionals and explain them your needs. Besides the beginning of an intensive phase of concept and term research and documentation, they start preparing their working agenda and methodology and wait for our answer, so they can act right away once the project is confirmed.


Action! Translation and two proofreading phases

This second phase is the most active one. Our linguistic professionals are ready to get on with the translation project. Whenever the project manager says “go”, they start with the translation phase. Once the translation is completely done, the document goes through a detailed and intensive proofreading and correction phase, regarding concept, terms, orthotypography and structure. A comparison between the original and its translation is analyzed to detail.

Finally, before the delivery of the finished project, the translation goes through a second proofreading phase, mostly focused on the written text (translation). We pay the maximum attention to the writing style in the target language, in order to get a fluid and elegant effect.


Edition and delivery: c’est fini!

During this third phase of the process, we deal with the last details of the project: in the case of sworn translations, we add to the text all the certifications, official formula, stamps and signatures so the text has a complete legality in the target language. We also apply those needed changes regarding layout, external design and format. Now we can deliver the final version to you!